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Roller Coaster vs. Rhythm in Life AND Enjoying The Rhythmic Ride


Remembering that rhythm is a natural part of our experience in life can allow us to continue to focus on the broader picture of what we want to create rather than measuring ourselves by the consistent ups and downs that is the life process.

There is natural rhythm in our emotions, our bodies, our relationships, our life trajectories, etc.  These rhythms all serve a purpose to create inner strength and a deeper connection to the core of ourselves and our relationship with life.  It is in the “down turns” that we tend to seek deeper connection with others through receiving love and support.

During down turns we also have a unique opportunity to look within for our core/spiritual connection and to find an inner resource that can lift us with great momentum towards our next high, as well as towards our longer terms visions and goals of growth, success and transformation.

At core of this entire process we can always remember:  it is the relationship within and with those around us that we can measure our experience by.  We can use the peaks of our lives to decide to enjoy the entire life process, the entire ride of rhythmic momentum in the direction of our dreams.

There is no final “end” to it all.  Each peak or goal is met with a new one.  Cultivating the capacity for joy, connection, love and core happiness along the way is the key to enjoying the entire experience of living beyond the peak moments.


Here is My Video Explaining “Roller Coaster” vs. Rhythm:


Author: Dr. Rhea

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek is a chiropractor, pro-activist, and producer. Her mission of igniting people to their vitality, gifts, purpose, and passion is the driving force behind her practice, Blossom Chiropractic Studio, humanitarian organization, Blossom Life Projects, mind/body retraining CD, “Breathe Love,” and feature documentary in production, “Love Bomb.” Many believe she is on her way to becoming a significant inspirational leader. Her methods of using chiropractic and innate education have helped countless people overcome challenges and fully step into their lives. Her passion for bringing chiropractic care to those seeking to live their greatest human potential has led her to be as comfortable working with newborn babies, teenagers and seniors as she was in serving as the team chiropractor for the Bontrager Livestrong Pro Cycling Team during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Her dedication to a life of loving service and a vision of human beings living in harmony beyond differences in nationality, language, and other artificial barriers led her to participate in chiropractic service trips to El Salvador and Brazil and to create and lead similar projects in India and Peru. As her service at home she volunteers for The Pathway Home, a six month rehabilitation and healing program created for combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan recovering from PTSD. Dr. Rhea currently resides in Napa, CA, where she welcomes new clients to her practice. On occasion, she can be spotted barefoot running the trails throughout the valley with her big black Goldendoodle Bloom or savoring a glass of red wine at one of the many local restaurants.

2 thoughts on “Roller Coaster vs. Rhythm in Life AND Enjoying The Rhythmic Ride

  1. Rhea is a very dedicated person to healing. Love her office, her knowledge, her goals. I’ve taken classes there through LifeStream Massage School, and met her. She gave us a few introductory demonstrations on Zone Therapy. A Must See, either on her website, her classes, or her healing skills……you can’t loose. Thank you Rhea!

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