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Spirit of the Hive- Getting in the Zone for Peru 2012

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The Spirit of the Hive, by Dr. Rhea Zimmerman


There is a small mention of a concept called “The Spirit of the Hive” within a textbook stacked with metaphors, explanations, and intricacies called “Concept Therapy.”  The philosophy, which is the foundation for the Zone Healing technique of chiropractic and which was founded by Dr. Thurman Fleet is broad and encompasses an exploration of ideas across the board from sciences, philosophies and religions.  Dr. Fleet was attempting, in the 30’s and throughout his life, to create the correlation of wisdom that could explain the process of human healing and integration.

There is much that I love about Dr. Fleet’s work and attempts at such correlation.  The idea of correlation itself is healing, because at the root it has the idea of “integration” versus a scattered “dis-integration.”  Fleet knew and I have experienced that when there is integration on the inner being, and in the outer world- that is the experience of health and healing.  The greatest integration one can experience is that of the inner world, and deeper still, is a significant and strong relationship with the Spirit within- because life and experience means constant growth and evolution which will always involve processes of dis-integration as an expansion and growth of human experience followed by integration.

If integration is not the direction of the being, than dis-integration occurs to the degree that a feeling of scattered happens, dis-harmony in the body and being occurs, and now sickness and symptoms begin to arise out of this state of dis-harmony through focus and fear on the dis-integration process instead of alignment with the integration process that is always at the root of dis-integration.

So what is harmony?

The idea of The Spirit of the Hive is a wonderful metaphor for understanding harmony on every level.

“Thus we have the social insects such as the ants and bees.  Within these communities, each individual corresponds to a cell in a cell-colony.  The only difference is that they have been welded simply into a functioning group, and not into a single body.  That larger and overruling individuality, however, which always results from these processes of integration, appears as such a distinct entity that writers upon the subject have recognized it, and have called it ‘The Spirit of the Hive’.” – Dr. Thurman Fleet, Concept Therapy Textbook, on “The Composite Personality”

In the hive every member knows its role and it its purpose is to fulfill that role.  There is harmony because there is a knowing of what the roles are, what is to be carried out, and then the task is completed.  This is the core of what we can observe in the hive.

Dr. Fleet compared the functioning of the cells of the body to that of a hive.  When the body is perfectly balanced there is a “spirit of the hive” within and there is an expression of perfect health as the body knows exactly what it needs to create, excrete, break down, build up, etc. at any given time.

In addition to the cells of the inner being creating a Spirit of the Hive there are three “component parts” of the being that create harmony:  these are the body, mind, and soul/inner being all directed towards one harmonic expression.  The greatest expression of human health, according to Fleet, would be that which is the unified of expression of body, mind and soul towards perfect health expression of that person.  He considered that there was a “soul sickness” if that person was not expressing their innate truth or innate being’s expression.  Within chiropractic I view that as the inner wisdom of that person having its natural perfect expression- and when there is no interference to that expression- the being can express itself perfectly.  There is no other being that can possibly know how to direct one’s inner expression more perfectly than one’s own self.

There are a myriad of ways that this expression goes haywire however.  There are textbooks full of what happens with repression of self-expression and psychological theories abound.  Within a Zone Healing office there is an attempt at a simplicity to allow that person to find harmony by balancing the being’s nervous system through the Zones and to encourage the person to move in a harmonic direction of their inner being while also teaching aspects of how to get the mind to work in harmony with the being constructively, instead of de-structively.

I created the audios “Breathe Love” in order to assist in this process so that someone can re-order the chaos the mind into harmonic positive suggestions for constructive cooperation with life.

This is the “Spirit of the Hive” with life.

The chiropractic idea is that we are a part of a Universal Intelligence in life.  This means that we have a guaranteed role to play with life itself.  When we are inverted in our thinking we lose this feeling, we are isolated and lose a knowing that we have an integral and guaranteed role in the “Spirit of the Hive” of all of humanity and life itself.

My goal and work with “Fueled With Love” is to inspire in myself, and those around me, a knowing that they have a vital and beautiful role to play within life.  Finding outward expression of one’s inner impulses in a way that is harmonic, respectful, and creative versus destructive to life and others is an integral part of creating a Spirit of the Hive that extends from the inner workings of the body outward into the family, home, community, nation, and nations.

Spirit of the Hive Modeled In Business, Home, Communities

One of my favorite psychological texts is called “Shine” and it is a great book about how when employees of businesses are playing their correct role for their personality, and are fed positively by their employers with encouragement and a spirit of creativity rather than fear- that they literally “Shine” in their roles within the business.

This is an outer example of the Spirit of The Hive and successful businesses fascinate me for how they exemplify what it looks like to have people moving harmoniously in a direction of thriving that produces material result.

I hold an ideal image in my imagination of all of humanity behaving this way.  What would happen if everyone was encouraged to find harmony of their own innate body, mind, and soul for perfect expression within their home lives, their business lives, their communities, and internationally?

The only spiritual concept that makes sense to me is that there is a wisdom inherent in all beings and that every being is born with a certain and unique and perfect role to play in life.

My work on every level is centered upon this premise and every effort that I make is geared towards assisting life to find this harmony of body, mind and soul/inner being towards a harmony with all of life.  I make a consistent effort to find this harmony within myself- getting regular chiropractic to free up the expression of my body and nervous system, listening to Breathe Love to harmonize my mind to the rest of my being, and looking for the ways that I can act cooperatively with life.

It is a constant journey to harmonize with life and other beings.  In many ways it works counter to a fear culture that we live in- to one that consistently says that solutions are outside of us and that we must protect ourselves from birth- whether it is through vaccines, antibiotics, or as adults insurances to protect against the law suits coming from others.  We have consistent signals telling us to protect- and yet we have an inner being and world that wants to harmonize and cooperate.

It takes consistent effort to balance these tendencies and to direct the fear in proper actions so that it is, in the end- working creatively and constructively towards the harmony that we desire.  Repression is not an answer- but creative direction of the natural impulses is.

Dr. Fleet’s masterpiece I believe is the book The Rays of the Dawn (that the Breathe Love audios are interpreted from) which is a simple book that is also incredibly complex in the layers that it presents for exploration on what is health?  What is harmony?  I have been reading and studying it for 13 years now and consistently find guidance and ideas for my own harmony- and for assisting those that I work with to find that golden thread which is:

Spirit of the Hive Within and in Harmony With Life Itself.

One of my greatest joys is finding this Spirit of the Hive with those that I collaborate with on the various projects that I do.  Recently I held a fund/awareness raiser and it was a joy to experience the number of people who came together to harmoniously create an effective evening of connection.  Now as we move forward into our documentary project and service project I get to continue to enjoy this feeling.  All around me are incredible people expressing their creative talents and together we “make magic” happen.  It is truly a joy to dance in this experience with others of cooperative joyful creative expression.

There is truly no happier place to be than a place where people are working together to create something far bigger than their individual selves could do.  An energy of magnitude seems to occur and everyone gets to partake.

This is the spirit through which our team emerges to go to Peru, to work in schools, and to create film magic to share with life.


Author: Dr. Rhea

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek is a chiropractor, pro-activist, and producer. Her mission of igniting people to their vitality, gifts, purpose, and passion is the driving force behind her practice, Blossom Chiropractic Studio, humanitarian organization, Blossom Life Projects, mind/body retraining CD, “Breathe Love,” and feature documentary in production, “Love Bomb.” Many believe she is on her way to becoming a significant inspirational leader. Her methods of using chiropractic and innate education have helped countless people overcome challenges and fully step into their lives. Her passion for bringing chiropractic care to those seeking to live their greatest human potential has led her to be as comfortable working with newborn babies, teenagers and seniors as she was in serving as the team chiropractor for the Bontrager Livestrong Pro Cycling Team during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Her dedication to a life of loving service and a vision of human beings living in harmony beyond differences in nationality, language, and other artificial barriers led her to participate in chiropractic service trips to El Salvador and Brazil and to create and lead similar projects in India and Peru. As her service at home she volunteers for The Pathway Home, a six month rehabilitation and healing program created for combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan recovering from PTSD. Dr. Rhea currently resides in Napa, CA, where she welcomes new clients to her practice. On occasion, she can be spotted barefoot running the trails throughout the valley with her big black Goldendoodle Bloom or savoring a glass of red wine at one of the many local restaurants.

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