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Responsible Service: A Love Bomb Guide

Dr. Rhea after a week of service in The Sacred Valley, Peru

Dr. Rhea after a week of service in The Sacred Valley, Peru

By Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

It was the middle of the night, I was exhausted, bent over the toilet bowl, sick, and wondering “did anything I just do make a difference?” After five days of working to provide free or low cost chiropractic care throughout the Sacred Valley, Peru I was finished, exhausted, and finally succumbing to the digestive visitor that had already taken down my entire team of volunteers.

It wasn’t the first time I wondered if my desire to be of difference in a developing country with my skill set was doing anything in the long run.

My first service trip was during the final months of my chiropractic education while I was still a clinic intern.  Student interns were paired with field doctors for an annual trip to provide care in El Salvador.  After graduation my innate drive to serve as a global citizen had led me to India to set up my own program.  India in her wisdom had humbled me and left me at the drawing board asking the questions:

What is the goal of the service?  If I can’t provide long term care is it ethical to do it in the short term?  Is my work empowering the people I am serving or disempowering them?  Do I really know enough clinically to be of service or should I go home and develop myself further?  

Dr. Rhea during her time setting up a short term service project in India

Dr. Rhea during her time setting up a short term service project in India

I have come to understand that this deep questioning really boils down to, “am I really giving anywhere near as much as I am receiving,” is a multi-faceted one.

After that first trip to Peru where our team left both emotionally transformed and physically drained, I had to ask myself whether or not I would return. I wanted to know that I was being more than just selfish by wanting to have the experience of serving.  It is so utterly transformational, such an avenue of fulfillment, and so amazing to lose one’s every day troubles into the surrender of service, that I had to know:  am I really doing anything?  Is offering chiropractic care one time a year going to truly help these people?

Before committing to trip number two, which ultimately is the commitment to taking steps towards committing to care long term for a community, I wrote to the clinic directors who hosted my group and posed the question:  given that we can only be there right now once a year, is our work really making an impact?  I trusted their perspective as people regularly engaged in the community and therefore those we would care for annually.  As Peace Corps veterans of 20+ years they knew what impact was as well as the issues that befall international service.  When they came back with the answer of “yes”, well, that was confirmation enough for me.

We returned, and, on year three, filmed the footage that would become the documentary film “Love Bomb.”  In filming follow up interviews I also learned of positively life changing, sustained physical healing results for some of the people we cared for, another testament for me to know that the effort is worth it.  For me the service results are definitely physical, and also, emotional.  It is the premise that when we all play our role of service to life, both at home and abroad, that together we create a positive shift in consciousness.  A helping hand is better than an oppressive hand, and is powerful when directed in well thought out ways.

Dr. Rhea with Paulina during the first Peru service trip.  Paulina returned several years later to share how much it had changed her life.

Dr. Rhea with Paulina during the first Peru service trip. Paulina returned several years later to share how much it had changed her life.

With the film I aim to inspire in people the transformational potential of service.  My hope is that people will walk out of the film and think to themselves:  how can I be of service in this moment, right here, right now?  The question of how can I serve, and how can I love, becoming synonymous.  I also know that there will be those who watch the film and think to themselves:  I want to go do something like that in another country!

For those people, I offer this Love Bomb guide to responsible service. Ultimately, service is an exchange built on a relationship of trust between the giver and the receiver.  These questions can help us to feel in to where we stand and what we will be offering. 

In the exchange of giving and receiving we will make an impact on the culture we are serving, and we need to ask ourselves what kind of an impact we want to make, as together we are building the model for what it looks like to become global citizens.  Together we can, responsibly, make a profound impact on humanity, at home and abroad.  The two are becoming inextricably one.

1.  What is my goal?

2.  Am I going to serve, or to practice?

3.  Will my actions create dependency?

4.  Am I going to be empowering the people I am serving?

5.  Am I respecting the cultural beliefs and customs I am stepping into, or trying to change them to my own beliefs?

6.  Am I hoping to be a savior instead of a server?

7.  Am I going as an equal or am I feeling superior to those I am serving?

8.  Am I doing something that the people have identified as a need, or am I putting my ideas of what they need on them?

If coordinating with an organization:

 1.  Do they have successful long-term projects that you will be making an impact with?

2.  Are they well respected in the community/communities where they serve?

3.  Are they motivated by service or by business profit?

4.  Will they provide for you contact information for past volunteers to speak with?

I personally feel that as global citizens we can create beautiful relationships built on responsible service, or, “voluntourism”, when we choose consciously.  We are building the future for humanity one responsible relationship at a time.  Lets do it together, with great care. 

Interesting Articles:

Does Voluntourism Do More Harm Than Good?, Dorinda Elliott

Seven Sins of Humanitarian Medicine, Welling, Ryan, Burris & Rich, World Journal of Surgery

 Does “Voluntourism” Do more harm than good?, Richard Stupart

 An Insider’s Thoughts On Voluntourism in Orphanages and Schools, Filipa Chatillon

Book:  Mountains Beyond Mountains, Dr. Paul Farmer

Resources for Choosing Organizations & Projects (I do not know these organizations personally, they were found through online research, please make sure to do your own work to verify that any of these are right for you, and that they fulfill the questions listed above):



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Love Bomb Report: A Year In, Where Are We Now?

It has now been one year since unveiling Love Bomb massively with our first Indiegogo fundraising campaign and WOW.  We have come a long way!  I was dutifully documenting  the process via the blog up until the point where the actual workload of producing the film made it truly impossible to spare mental space to write an update.  However, here I am, somewhat emerged, and ready to share with you.

Since the last entry in the Spring things geared UP and it was all I could do to keep up with our rapid fire editing pace.

The film is essentially made up of Peru story scenes mixed with interview expert scenes that were mapped out using a storyboard method.   I love seeing how the storyboard started before it was honed way down in a very organic method of editing discovery.  (I can’t show you a close of up of how it is now,…no ruining the surprise!)


Every moment from morning until night that I was not in my chiropractic office working with clients you could find me heading straight to the in-house Love Bomb office to transcribe every interview and then edit them all into workable scenes.

Editing Interviews

To give you an example, after transcribing the interviews I’d print and read  through the 11-20 pages of transcripts in order to mark them  by potential scene numbers.

The next step was to create gigantic files of potential scene material by batching all of the selected interview paragraphs.  I would then read/meditate through these to find the flow of conversation between the various experts while honoring the integrity and intention of all of their words.  These were then laid out by Gregg on a video timeline.  Each scene started at roughly 20 minutes, which were then edited down until they were either cut entirely, or left tight at around 3-5 minutes.

The entire process has been one of great innate trust.  It is an amazing process to transition from the feeling of brilliant inspiration at the interviews to then selecting what makes it in the film, and, what will at some point be placed into dvd “extras” to still be able to share with the world.

From this point then it was Gregg’s great work to find the b-roll that best told the story in all of the dialogue in our scenes, both Peruvian and experts.  The b-roll is all of the great visuals that visually tell the story of what you are hearing being spoken.

Once our scenes were all roughly where I wanted them to be we went through the process of selecting music to start to see how they flowed together.  Did the story work?  Did the timeline work?

It is amazing how far along you have to get with the material before you can actually sit back, take a big brave breath, and see for yourself if the storyboard, and idea, works as whole!!

The great relief is that, yes, it does.  Amazingly.

So where are we now?

At this point in the life of Love Bomb a few things are happening at once (oh wait, small internal laugh, it’s a film with two people working on it- things are always happening at once!).

Where we are,…

We are in an exciting time!  The main things happening right now are:

1.  Selective expert feedback

The film is being watched by a variety of experts in the film industry who are reviewing it and offering their feedback for ways we could tighten up the cut.  This is following two test screens to a private invitation only audiences who gave tremendous feedback that allowed me to SEE where to trim from a 2 hour and 4 minute cut to a 1 hour and 38 minute cut.

It definitely takes a lot of trust to take those scenes out of the film and off of the storyboard but it is very rewarding to see it come together into a tight and beautiful film with a life of its own.

Now we are doing our final trimming of the film that will start back up in December when we plan to round up our work to have a completed cut by early January 2014.  It’s ambitious, and its close,…and we are pretty sure we can do it!


2.  Festival applications

There are many festival applications that are happening right now for an early 2014 premier of the film from January through April.  So even though the film is in a “work in progress” format we are still applying for those that have deadlines right now since we know we are going for an early 2014 premier and the film is really close to complete.  We want the film to premier at major festivals in order to give it a great opportunity to reach a mainstream audience.  So all of your great prayers and images that we succeed are welcomed!

3.  Celebrating

In looking back over a year ago I have a memory of me, holding these Love Bomb postcards fresh out of the mailbox and going to some chiropractors at events and saying, “would you help me with this project that I am making?”  I might have sounded brave, but I was shaking.

I am in awe of how far we have come in a year, as the project truly has moved from an I to a We.  From the troops who have rallied around us in fundraising, to the people who have contributed their time for interviews and now feedback- this film is packed with love and impact- and I am excited to imagine what I will be saying and feeling about the journey one year from now when the magic unfolds as we watch it take its first steps as a vehicle for inspiration.

Thank you for being a part of the ride!

Oh, and yes, one more thing- I got married.  I had no idea when starting the filming of Love Bomb that it would end up being more than an unconditional love story- but it sure is!

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Love Bomb Report: 40 Days of Production & Transformation

Weaving the Story

Weaving the Story

The beauty of the making of Love Bomb is that the production process is identical to the content of the film itself.  It is a transformational process of discovering who we really are at our core while working as a surrendered service to life, to love, which is simply a way of being the most amazing version of ourselves that we can allow ourselves to be.

Let me attempt to break it down for you into some tangible examples:

1.  Service.  We are creating this film out of a feeling of service to life knowing that what we are creating is going to assist in uplifting the viewer so that they will have a total being experience of the film.

2.  Love Bomb.  We are sharing about the the delivery of “Love Bombs” as a story of service, while the film itself is a Love Bomb for the viewer.  It is also acting as a Love Bomb in our lives through production!  We are transforming on deep levels as the entire experience of interviews, transcriptions, edits, and details lead us to ever deeper levels of the experience of who we are as Love itself and how we can bring this into our lives.

4.  Service as a Chiropractor.  For me personally my own practice of service at my local chiropractic studio is consistently growing in presence and depth.  During the making of this film I am also deeply engaged in loving and supporting my clients, who grow by the week, to their healing, transformation, and connection to who they are as beings of love in life.  I see this as a continual mirroring process to my own commitment to serving as a being of love.

5.  Healing & Marriage.  My own personal life has also been growing and deepening as through the process of this film I have been in the experience of loving a close family member through a healing process as well as embracing the love in my life as we have made the commitment to marriage and are planning our October wedding and feeling in to what a Love Bomb the journey to marriage is for both of us.

6.  Surrender beyond the “Educated.”  The story in Love Bomb shows how we surrender to life itself to serve in a way that is bigger than we could do using our own “educated” mind, to allow for life to unfold in ways that seem magical at times.  This is the production itself!  When I review what we have “done” in the past 40 days I see it in writing and think, wow!  Thank goodness we don’t think we are “doing” all of this personally.  And the moments when we do, well, its breakdown time to overwhelm and tired and then its back to connection, surrender, and realizing that we are simply conduits bringing this forward into life and that when we allow it to happen rather than thinking we are working on it or doing it, magic happens.

And magic is happening!  

Dr. Rhea Interviewing Kute Blackson at his LA Studio

Dr. Rhea Interviewing Kute Blackson at his LA Studio

We are fresh home from Los Angeles where we interviewed Kute Blackson.  This interview was full of love, and, magic.  It flowed beautifully as we sat in the, now familiar, field which is that of Love Bomb.  It has a magic to it, a feeling of deep love, discovery, presence, and truth.  And in this field Kute laid it out for us, the reality of who we are as Love, the presence of mystery within it, and the awesome experience of life as this dance when we allow it to emerge from the essence within us that is, the essence of the connection of all of life.

Gregg Marks as the Director of Photography on "set" in an Atlanta hotel room

Gregg Marks as the Director of Photography on “set” in an Atlanta hotel room

This occurred only two weeks following our presence at the Dynamic Essentials seminar in Atlanta, Georgia where we set up our “set” inside of a hotel room and interviewed five of the speakers bringing the depth of the living spirit of chiropractic art and service into the film itself.  These speakers were Sigafoose, Peter Amlinger, Paula Hedgelon, Pat Chelenyak, and Walter Sanchez.  These interviews can best be described as filling in the story of mastery in chiropractic as a martial art form, where the practitioner’s mastery comes in the development of self and skill on all levels:  physical, mental, and spiritual.

Dr. Rhea Interviewing Sigafoose for Love Bomb

Dr. Rhea Interviewing Sigafoose for Love Bomb

In the film we glimpse at how time and space have a quality to them of being very relative, especially when in surrender to allowing for the full flowing of Spirit to move through us in action.  When I look at our completed list of tasks within the past 40 days, I can only reflect that this has and continues to be an experience of surrender to this level of presence and service and flow.  It is the little I working for and dancing with the big I.  And the dance continues.

To see the teaser, video clips & to learn about how you can support the making of Love Bomb please go to:

To be a part of our daily updates please “like” us on Facebook.

To grow the impact of the Love Bomb please “share” our Facebook Page!

Thank You & Big Love and Gratitude to you!

In inspiration from the interview with Kute Blackson I say,

Love Now, and Now,

Here is our list of production actions since the close of our first cut fundraising campaign 40 days ago:

1. Sorted through nearly 90 hours (and growing) of footage and labeled all of the action along with transcribing all of the dialogue creating a very well organized pallet to edit from.
2. We have a working storyboard based on our vision & material with the scenes of the film laid out in detail so that we can start placing together the actual footage and dialogue into the script of the film to tell a powerful story.
3. We captured 5 more interviews of chiropractors: Sigafoose, Peter Amlinger, Paula Hedglon, Walter Sanchez, & Pat Chelenyak. These will bring to life what chiropractic is within the context of the film by helping the viewer to realize that chiropractic mastery & service is like a martial art form for love and freedom.
4. We filmed the amazing Kute Blackson in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard of him (yet) give him a google and you will see how unique he is in the world of human transformation. He brings an awesome voice to the film around what it means to Love, to Be Love, and to live fully.
Now we are completing some more transcriptions while moving in to the editing of the film itself (the magic). We are on mission to be close to complete by the end of March with all we have gathered (with 4 more interviews scheduled for March- oh, so excited to reveal those once complete- it includes a trip to NYC and conversation with some incredible fresh voices in the field of human potential/transformation as well as a few more chiropractors who will break down the science of the adjustment so our audience can understand the why behind what we are doing in the name of love and service.)
April is a planned non-edit time so we can have fresh perspective (and use our funding wisely) before heading back to Peru where our team will be serving chiropractic while we will gather some follow up interviews.
May we will be back at it with go time that will place us at our goal for this campaign: our first cut by June.
(With a goal to have a final cut complete by September!)

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Love Bomb Report: An Interview with Dean Radin, Phd (And Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year from Dr.Rhea, and Love Bomb!

Happy New Year from Dr.Rhea, and Love Bomb!

In “Love Bomb Report:  Interview With Marilyn Schlitz” I revealed the context around which I interviewed both Marilyn Schlitz & Dean Radin.  It was an incredibly heart breaking, which is also a heart opening, time.  Now I share with you some of the joy of that second interview of that day with Dean Radin.  I do this as I celebrate yet another aspect of the unfolding of the Love Bomb in my life- the engagement to my incredible partner Austin Komarek.

Love Bomb in my Life:  Engagement.

It is Day One of 2013.  A beautiful day and opportunity to look at the intentions for the year.  Here at Love Bomb there are some big goals.

They are:

1.  Achieve our goal of raising 25K (10 more days to go!) by January 10th.  We only have $8600 to go!

2.  Make the most incredible film possible to OPEN HEARTS to the feeling of Love in Service, the possibilities of living a life in CONNECTION to oneself and others, and the power of Love to transform our lives- while contextualizing why Chiropractic is a part of living this- when delivered by chiropractors who consciously train to serve at their highest level.

3.  Get this film accepted into Major Film Festivals by the end of 2013 in order to kick off maximum effect World Premiers in early 2014.

How does the interview with Dean fit in?  In our interview with him he shared the following:

“The right question asked at the right time, and the answer shows up, that’s pretty good.” -Dean Radin, Phd.

One of the greatest lessons I received from the inquiry with Dean was that science can explain to us some incredible phenomenon that can open us more to the ancient ideas of our interconnectivity, the wisdom that resides within, our capacity to heal, the potential for what we currently perceive as “miracles”, and, that science does not know everything.

Why is this profound?  (And perhaps obvious)

Many of us seek science to give us permission to open up to experiential aspects of our lives that are on the outskirts of what science can prove.  We have to rely on our experience, and on our cultivated inner sense of knowing, in order to live on these frontiers.

We can use the amazing science at our fingertips to show us what our mind/body connection is, how it affects our health and life expression, and that points us in the direction of our connection and the power that we have to affect ourselves and all of life with our thinking, our feeling, and our acting.

We also will have to realize that, perhaps it is the questions themselves that drive us, and that are a part of our universal intelligent design.  If there were no questions then how would our creative capacities continue?  If we did not want to know what would happen if we transformed, then what would impel us to do it?

This post, and this interview, was far more about the questions that we ask, than it was about the answers that we receive.

So I leave you with this, on this here day 1 of the rest of your life (or 2013 if you prefer to think in smaller chunks of “time”),…

What questions will be guiding you this year?

Here are a few of mine:

How does a person act who is connected to all of life, to all of intelligence?  What occurs when we realize our inborn intelligence, our inborn power?  How can we open more to living this?  How can we cultivate this relationship deeper?  Who are all of the awesome people who are going to contribute to the making of this phenomenal dream (Love Bomb) as a gift to LIFE?

What happens when the Love Bomb explodes in our hearts,…and in our communities?

We at Love Bomb are wishing YOU the most love filled  love permeating love transforming year of your life and thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

Take me to The Love Bomb Campaign, I want to Donate!

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Love Bomb Report: Interview with Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Warning:  Very transparent vulnerability in this entry.

Dr. Rhea & Marilyn Schlitz

Photo of me and Marilyn Schlitz, thankfully the facial swelling had gone down, and the sun and the magical Canon Camera made my face look almost normal 🙂

The week leading up to the interviews I was honored to do of both Marilyn Schlitz and Dean Radin was nothing short of horrible.

By the time I walked in to sit with Marilyn I was actually almost comically challenged.  I had woken up that morning with my face swollen out so far that I wasn’t sure how I was going to drive to the interview, let alone meet these people face to face that I felt so touched by.  I had had some kind of mystery reaction to a new facial product.

I know however that there is no such thing as singular cause and effect, and the rawness of my face was also a perfect outer expression of the inner pain and turmoil that had started exactly one week earlier when our family had stepped in to that horrible, quick, destabilizing, and rocky terrain of “you have cancer.”  One of my dearest family members was back on the road that our family knew too well.

In the interest of privacy I won’t share publicly which family member we stood in heartbroken solidarity with, but I can say that the week centered on conversations of the terminal nature of all of us, living present now, and falling to one’s knees for Grace.  I was reading, and posting online, about my intake of Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love” as if it were nutrition.  Because it was.

Four days into the trauma of diagnosis and the intense prayer for a healing miracle the family received a blessing of a phone call when we learned that there had been a misdiagnosis and that the cancer wasn’t the bad kind we thought it was.  We were released into “relief” of a change of cancer diagnosis and the improvement of prognosis.

Perspective, God’s humor, Prayers and the Miracle of Love in action?

So by the time I was sitting there ready to interview Marilyn, face red and raw and puffed out, wondering if she was noticing but kindly not saying anything, I was ready to be raw and real.

The gift of her interview is what followed.  It opened with me asking her about what she knew about the power of love, and she began by discussing studies that had been done about the effects of love and prayer on people with cancer.  I kid you not.  I sat there, even more raw, listening as she spoke directly to what had been going on.

Life certainly does provide the exact replica of what we need to see, feel, and hear doesn’t it?

The rest of the interview dove deeper in to the material at hand for Love Bomb, and as we got into the zone of the intense focus of a film interview, the attention on my own life scenario and raw face melted away as I was taken, we were taken, into the energy of love, forgiveness, and the journey of healing transformation into wholeness.

There is much I want to share from this interview and will be exposing in the film.  The essence I can give you is that life always provides us with what we need to transform, and transformation is always in the direction of greater wholeness, if we choose.

That wholeness means we are not alone.  We are one with life itself, with one another, with the earth we live on.

When we get into this place of wholeness we experience the core of healing, which is transformation of consciousness into this whole place of being.  This whole place is what I am learning to refer to as Love.  Service, the act of transformation to wholeness that we are featuring in the film, is a transformational practice in and of itself.

Marilyn shared with us about her research on transformation and the “destabilization” that occurs when a change happens in the statis of an environment, culture, or person.  This destabilization offers the opportunity to heal to a new state of being as it offers the opportunity for new perspective, new feeling, and new being.

We were speaking of my own healing experience from 9/11 and how that event became something that ultimately propelled me forward into service and a life lived as if we are one big human family.  We also spoke of the “destabilizing” we create in a community when we enter in and adjust thousands of people at one time.

She confirmed our feeling that with the intention of Love this destabilization can be a force that drives the community to a higher level of organization to wholeness.  We can also choose to experience traumatic destabilization in this same way.

The rawness of the week continued as when the interview ended and we said our goodbyes we turned on our phones, to learn that the shooting had just occurred in Connecticut.

We had moments of quiet at that time.  The moments for me were a reflection on the entire week, and the firm knowing that the film, the focus on Love, the commitment to sharing with the world about what we really are capable of as human beings when we connect to our Innate, our Wholeness, our Connection with Life, is as pertinent today as it was the day that the idea for the film was conceived.

We sat in the sun that day between our interview of Marilyn and our preparations to interview Dean.  I with a certain surrender that happens when you have been forced to ponder the terminal nature of life, the prayers that knock you to your knees, and the humble surrender of letting go of looks to simply say, I am here, raw, vulnerable, present.  I surrender to you Love.  Life.  I am your servant.  Lift me up and walk with me.

We sat in the sun and we drank it in.  We sat with gratitude.  For being alive, and for being given the opportunity to make a difference in life through our passion to touch lives, and for all of the opportunities that Love Bomb has already brought into our lives.  It is with a reverence, a humbleness, and a vulnerability that I post this Love Bomb “Report.”  The experience of the commitment I have made to be carved out by this project continues, to offer to life a reality of Love Bomb rather than a replica.

May we light a candle in our hearts of Love for all who have been affected by the wounds of life, both public and private, and allow them to open us to the courageous humbleness of Love, which is the road to our human greatness.

Check out this clip that we put together for you of Marilyn, speaking about creating an “epidemic of goodness.”  At this particular winter solstice this is a beautiful message, encouraging us to see this time, no matter the “why”, as the perfect time to open to our inherent unity, goodness, and love.

Marilyn is also working on a documentary of her own that I feel is going to be a transformational film called “Death Makes Life Possible.”  Here is a link to the home page where you can watch the trailer.   Death Makes Life Possible Trailer

Are you interested in learning more about how to participate in the making of Love Bomb?  Here is our Indiegogo Campaign page where we are currently raising the funds to go into full time production starting in January 2013.

Our film website lives here:

You can find us and “Like” on Facebook here:  Love Bomb The Movie Facebook Page

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A “Care vs. Scare” Business Model


An interview of Dr. Russ Rosen, by Dr. Rhea Zimmerman

One of the blessings of the process of online fundraising for my feature documentary, “Love Bomb,” is the amazing people that I am meeting.  In the past three weeks I have found myself in conversation with people from all walks of life, including many chiropractors with a shared vision for loving and serving life.

One chiropractor that I have been blessed to meet is Dr. Russ Rosen.  He came to me with inquiries about the Love Bomb project, because he sensed that it resonated with his chiropractic coaching model of “Care vs. Scare.”  I instantly resonated with the concept of “Care vs. Scare” and asked him if I could share more about this idea with the Blossom Life blog crowd.

I hope you enjoy this introduction to these principles.

Dr. Rhea:  How and when did you decide to become a Chiropractic Coach?

Dr. Rosen:  I started practicing in 1987 and was very blessed to have a tremendous practice. By 2000 I had a waiting list for several years with a straight cash mostly referral practice. For several years my Niche market was people who wanted spiritual evolution and about 1/3 of my practice came in with no aches, pains, dysfunctions they just wanted to see if they did in fact have nerve interference and what their lives could be like without it.  In 2000 I had some health problems and had to stop practicing. It was not pretty and I did not go easily. In fact the truth of the matter is the universe took me kicking, screaming and crying as I did not want to leave!

It is amazing how the universe has a way of showing us how our “plans” may not be the right ones. Anyhow I took a year off work, studied different coaching models, put together my programs and started coaching chiropractors in a care vs. scare true wellness model. I was very blessed to have a thriving practice and had people fly in from all over the world to hang out and watch me in practice. And really chiropractic is all I know so coaching was a natural extension.

Dr. Rhea:  I listened to an audio you did with Patrick Gentempo in his “On Purpose” series where you discuss a “Care vs. Scare” model of care.  What is that?

Dr. Rosen:  Patient Scare is using manipulation, the definition of manipulation is, “To control or play upon by artful or unfair or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage” It is to use Fear, Coercion and Manipulation. Not a great way to spend a day!!

People worldwide in almost every business have employed some of this manipulative techniques whether it is selling cars, attorneys, chiropractors etc. We don’t feel there is ever a need for these types of manipulative sales tactics in any field let alone in the healing arts.

There is another way regardless of the field! In the Care model we are going to EMPOWER our patients. Empower means, “To invest with power. To equip or supply with an ability, enable”
We enable patients to make reasonable and logical decisions by giving love and choices through education.
We are going to inform vs. scare or manipulate. We will always tell them the truth and consequences of their actions but our intent will not be to scare them but instead it will be to inform and empower them.

In our model it is more about the Socratic questions we ask them vs. what we tell them. But regardless it is ALWAYS in a loving, compassionate, empowering way!

Dr. Rhea:  How could “Care vs. Scare” transform all ways of doing business?

Dr. Rosen:  Great question Rhea! I love this question because it can transform all ways of doing all business!

The reality is business comes down to one thing. You have a problem and I have a solution. If my solution can fix your problem we may be in business. So could every business come from a place of love, honor, integrity and empowerment? YES! Every business can benefit from that.

As I stated above, regardless of the industry we can use fear and manipulation to get what we want or we can empower people to truly support what is best for them.

Dr. Rhea:  I have heard an audio where you speak about the sacred relationship that we enter into when we agree to offer care to someone.  Can you describe this to me?

Dr. Rosen:  When someone accepts us as their doctor and put their health in our hands I believe we have a sacred relationship with them. That literally there is a relationship between our higher self and their higher self and it is of the highest and most profound nature. And if we can truly listen to them through all of our senses and honor their journey vs. what we think is right for them, we are guided to know exactly the right things to say and do with them so they can have the best results on THEIR journey.

Dr. Rhea:  What are the top three recommendations you have that anyone can do right now to make them more effective in their service oriented business?

Dr. Rosen:  Angie (Dr. Angie Meyer, Dr. Rosen’s partner in Rosen Coaching) and I are doing a webinar on this exact subject called the 3 Pillars and 8 Systems to Thrive in a Care vs. Scare True Wellness model.

The Three pillars are:

Headspace- You need to get clear about who you are, what you deliver and what your goals are. You need to be crystal clear about your mission, vision, purpose. What is your product?  Lastly we need to be extremely clear on what our goals or objectives are, short term and long term.

Congruent strategies- Once we know who we are, what we offer and what we want to accomplish we need to make sure that our strategies to get there are congruent.

Continuous right action- This is where so many people blow it! Just because you are running fast does not mean you are running in the right direction. Most all of us need accountability so we stay the course.

As you can see these are some beautiful principles that can be used in any way and walk of life.  If you are a chiropractor and would like to know more about Rosen Coaching please check out their website at or contact them for a free 30 minute consultation.  They also have a webinar going on right now

This is a sweet Audio that Dr. Russ made about his belief in the making of my feature documentary film, “Love Bomb.”  Check it out, and check out our campaign here:  Love Bomb on Indiegogo.

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Love Bomb Report: Joseph Chilton Pearce

Rhea Zimmerman interviewing Joseph Chilton Pearce

We all sat mesmerized in a state of joyful wonder as we listened to Joe share a story about being tossed about, literally played with, by God.  “So, God is actually play, and we are meant to play?” I asked.

My heart was dancing through this interview as this man, now 87, sat across from me sharing insights from a life of connection to brilliance.  Our group consisted of me as the Director of Love Bomb, Gregg Marks as the Director of Photography, Lisa Reagan as our wonderful hostess, and her husband Keith Reagan as the volunteer cameraman for the day.  Together we formed an intimate gathering in Joe’s home, which, he informed me, he built by hand using hand tools.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, Rhea Zimmerman, Gregg Marks

How does one arrive at a moment like this?  About four weeks earlier, for those following, I had posted about interviewing Lisa Reagan for Love Bomb while she was doing a writer’s residency at the Institute for Noetic Sciences.  During this interview she kept quoting Joseph Chilton Pearce.  When the interview ended I said, “this man Joseph, I think we need to interview him for the film.”  Connection made and flights booked and four weeks later there we sat.

Rhea Zimmerman, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Lisa Reagan

I speed read three of his books, “Crack in the Cosmic Egg” being one of the most well known.  Each book was an experience of direct epiphany in and of itself.  Throughout the reading process I wrote four pages worth of questions for the interview (and that was the edited version!)- a list I knew was far reaching- yet the more I read, the more I realized that he understands the depth of what I want to share in Love Bomb.

We arrived at his home on a crisp fall day and there he stood outside waiting for us, waving.  We were instantly treated more as guests than as a film crew, and this tone continued throughout the entire exchange.

Here is some of the beauty that we shared in that sweet afternoon.

I will give you the bad news first.  He tells me that we as a collective human family are living in a severe state of disconnection, driven by fear.  The greatest point that he lands on, with great sadness, is the possible drilling to the core of the earth.  After sitting with him and feeling in to his state of profound connection to the earth, and his encouragement that we are in fact, one with the earth, I walked away with my own sense of why this is a severe symptom of our mechanistic, separatist, and fearful view of life.  I see it every day in my office the way we “drill to the core” of our own bodies, often with great disrespect of the life force, and life being, that is being broken apart into pieces instead of seen as the Whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.  He has much to say about this fear problem, with great attention paid to the problems of the mechanization of birth and the way that children are brought into the world wired for disconnection and suffering in lack of development because of it.

I told you the bad news was first.  Now for the good news.  My primary question is what are we capable of in our best and brightest version of ourselves as human beings.  Enter Joe (This is what his friends call him, and being the gracious man that he is, we were treated as friends).  We are meant to play.  We are meant to be in joy.  When we are nurtured into life, and in life, we have the great capacity to literally develop the wiring for greater intelligence and capacity.  This nurturing, is love, and this love, is the same thing as God.  So when we allow for the connection to happen, to be Love, we are connected to God.  This connection allows for our greatest development in all of the component parts of expression- mind, body and spirit.

He shared that when we are in this Love state our heart enters a coherence that entrains the brain to greater development and that connects us with others, with earth, and with celestial bodies like the sun and the moon.  In sharing this he gave a story about one of his early teachers in India who told him that “there is only one heart.”  Upon his giving me this vision I felt a new sense of the seeking for the feeling of being in one life consciousness.  Knowing we are all one.  This feeling of “only one heart” seemed to link me in to this vibration of Love and to knowing that within the beating in my chest I am connected to all.

He also shared that when we are there, in that state of Love, there are no words to describe it.  As soon as we try to describe it, or step into it with what we think it is, we are in a facsimile of it, instead of the real thing.  This hit me with such a resonance, as I realized, how much of life experience is facsimile instead of “the real thing”?

This description he gave, of play, of being played with, of love and nurturing, and of trusting in the next step whether or not you know what will be under your feet was like a painting of what we are really capable of.  Something to surrender to.

And you know what else?  He thinks us chiropractors are doing a wonderful job of assisting in creating this possibility.

Dr. Rhea adjusting Joseph Chilton Pearce. Everyone who is interviewed on this project gets the option of receiving one.

Would you like to know how all of this ties in to the themes of Love Bomb?  Well,…I have to leave some things left to tell 🙂

What I can share is this:  I walked away from this exchange of loving joy with an entirely deepened knowledge of what a Love Bomb is.  Far more than idea, it is an explosion, it is real, and it can be experienced.

I certainly experienced a taste of it that day while meeting this incredible man, with great vision.  No, with genius vision.  I will forever remain touched by the tenderness through which he treated me and the authentic gratitude he shared with me for the work I am doing in making Love Bomb.  Seeing his smile as he took in the image of the Love Bomb over the earth touched my heart.  This project, this movie making adventure, is a transformation in and of itself.  I am deeply grateful for the moments like these that it is bringing to my life, knowing that, in the making of it, I am being made, remolded, transformed again and again by the very essence of my film topic, which is Love.

To learn more about Love Bomb the movie please go to our website at

To be a part of the movie making process please see our campaign on Indiegogo.

To see more photographs from the interview with Joe please go to our Facebook Page Gallery.

Rhea Zimmerman showing Joseph Chilton Pearce the Love Bomb movie image.