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Love Bomb Report: Production Home Stretch

Gregg Marks on production of Love Bomb in New York City

Gregg Marks on production of Love Bomb in New York City

It has been two months since the last Love Bomb Report on the blog and the transformation has continued in full force.  I’m here to update you on what we have experienced, completed, and also where we are going!

We are feeling as deeply committed as ever to the imperative of positive, transformational, and uplifting media.  We are grateful to be deep in production on a film that is about contributing a positive impact to life.

First off, what we have completed:

1.  We have come very close to completing the editing down of all of our film scenes from the bulk of our story, the service in Peru.  This involved transcription completion, script writing, and editing.

2.  Interviews have been transcribed and are now being edited into scripts that will become scenes that contextualize the action in Peru and give the viewer a deeper experience and understanding as to what they are witnessing.

3.  Our next trailer is complete and ready to be released in the next few weeks with our next Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign (Our goal is launch date May 7th).

What we have experienced:

In March we headed back to New York City for an incredibly impactful series of interviews and footage.

Elena Brower Interview

Elena Brower & Dr. Rhea on the Love Bomb set at Virayoga, NYC

Elena Brower & Dr. Rhea on the Love Bomb set at Virayoga, NYC

I had the grace of participating in a yoga class that one of my original yoga teachers, Elena Brower was teaching.  We were there to capture her in her environment at her home yoga studio, Virayoga, as well as to interview her for the film.

The interview was filled with love.  She came prepared with journals and writings that she spread in front of her that she had already considered that she would love to share with the film.  The way that she showed up, fully IN the energy of what Love Bomb is, was deeply moving.

Love Bomb Shoot of Elena Brower in NYC

Love Bomb Shoot of Elena Brower in NYC

She adds her voice into what Love Bomb is as she shared how “we have got to watch how we explode.”

It is an honor to include this woman in the film, who is a heart friend and an inspirational leader to thousands of people.  She is also captivating in her commitment to total authenticity.  She truly is a gift.

Gabriel Bernstein Interview

I was excited to meet with Gabriel Bernstein as I was enjoying researching her expertise while reading “May Cause Miracles.”  She has a very wonderful way of explaining in easy to understand terms how to look at aspects of life and seeing where we are living from fear, and where from love.

Gabrielle Bernstein in an interview for Love Bomb

Gabrielle Bernstein in an interview for Love Bomb

Her sharing in the film adds a vibrant and loving energy with practical and clear explanations of concepts that we are exploring from a variety of voices.  It is an honor to include her voice in Love Bomb.

9/11 Memorial

Dr. Rhea visits the 9/11 Memorial in New York City for the first time.

Dr. Rhea visits the 9/11 Memorial in New York City for the first time.

The morning that we set out to for a segment of filming and witnessing, well, me, at the 9/11 memorial was frigid.  We bundled up and made our way down via taxi to the site.  A few blocks away we were stopped where there was police, fire, and emergency crews with lights flashing and a scene that was all to reminiscent of the actual day.  As we got closer I saw they were putting out a fire in a nearby building.  Already a bit on edge we continued down to the world trade center site.

I had intentionally not looked at any photographs of the new buildings, the freedom tower, nor the memorial.  I wanted to have an authentic, in the moment experience that I could offer to the film.

It is not an easy experience to go to the memorial site, but I did find it to be incredibly healing, which, I did not expect.  I had been down to ground zero several times yet being on the memorial grounds, walking in the area that once was the plaza at the trade center, and looking up to what used to be the familiar site of the towers opened my heart to the feeling of the experience all over again.

Taking in the fountains was incredible.  We captured much of this experience and were grateful to be given this opportunity to share this in the film.  Thank you 9/11 Memorial New York City!

John Welshons Interview

John Welshons & Dr. Rhea at a Love Bomb Interview

John Welshons & Dr. Rhea at a Love Bomb Interview

One of the gift surprises of the weekend was being connected to John Welshons.  This was a result of one of our great supporters on the project, Ken Harris, calling me with a feeling that he had that John would be perfect for our film.  What followed was me “googling” him, and him watching our teaser, and the two of us following that up with a phone call that had us in a perfect resonance.  He is a man that lives from his heart, and this was apparent from our first interactions.

It was such a gift to head over to interview John, as this interview was scheduled the afternoon after the visit to the memorial.

One of John’s gift is assisting people to open their hearts from the moments of grief in life and to allow those moments to connect us deeper with life itself, with love, with the reality of our mortality and in so doing to the blessing of our lives.

His interview, coordinated through Universal Intelligence, is an incredibly valuable contribution to the impact and healing of Love Bomb.  I am also grateful now to call him friend.

I can say that coming home from the New York shoot I came home a transformed being, cracked open, somewhat raw, and very present to why this film is going to be so impactful.  The Love Bomb continues to do its work in my own being and life, that is a certainty!

Now where are we?

Interviewing Dr. Jeanne Ohm for Love Bomb

Interviewing Dr. Jeanne Ohm for Love Bomb

Just yesterday we finished an interview with Dr. Jeanne Ohm, Editor of Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine and prominent representative of the International Pediatric Association.

She gave us beautiful wisdom about why it is so beautiful, and impactful to provide chiropractic to babies and children (something you will see a lot of in the film).  Her wisdom will assist our viewers to understand the impact they are seeing.

As someone who has worked extensively with pregnant women offering chiropractic and education through pregnancy, she also brings the gift of this embodied wisdom of trusting in the intelligence of life, and our relationship to it, and as it.  It is as if she inspires a breath of ease in feeling that, yes, I am a part of an intelligent and connected universe, and my presence itself is a gift to life.

We are very happy to include her presence and contribution in Love Bomb.

What’s happening next?

This Friday we are interviewing chiropractor Lou Corletto- my inspiration for doing chiropractic service work internationally and founder of Adjustworld.  More to come on that!

We are also gearing up BIG.  Our service team is returning to serve in the Sacred Valley, Peru leaving on April 25th and returning on May 6th We are so excited to return and to serve and connect with the people.  We will also be doing some extended work for Love Bomb while we are there.  We will gather some impactful interviews from the clinic directors that we work with, Sandra and Guido DelPrado.  We will also be gathering footage that will assist the viewer in deepening their experience of “being” in the Sacred Valley and connecting with the people there.

We are THRILLED to be bringing a volunteer with us who is from Lima, Peru but lives right here in the Napa Valley.  She is going to join us to assist us in translations and in sharing more of the story with you the feeling of impact that we have made, and the connections that we have forged, through our service.  It is a joy to have this “full circle” feeling of a volunteer from Peru joining us.

We will be sharing photographs during our service time on our Facebook Page so please “like” us to stay tuned and join us!

And Then,…

When we return from Peru we are going to launch our next Indiegogo Campaign to raise our film finishing funds!  Our goal is to launch on May 7th.  This is when you will get to see our trailer which we feel shares with you the feeling of what it is we have been working on, and the impact that the film is going to have in uplifting life to live from love.

Please look for our launch and share it with your friends!  We will need “all hands on deck” to reach our goal of $26,000.

With these funds we will be in full post-production mode- refining and editing scenes, color and sound correcting, and adding the musical score.  This has us on a schedule to be reviewing our film with select audiences in August, and adding the finishing touches to a final in September.

Love Bomb Post Production Schedule 2013

Love Bomb Post Production Schedule 2013

Don’t want to wait?  You can contribute to the fund right now on our website!

Thank you for your love and support and here is to making the biggest loving impact possible!


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Love Bomb Report: Interview with Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Warning:  Very transparent vulnerability in this entry.

Dr. Rhea & Marilyn Schlitz

Photo of me and Marilyn Schlitz, thankfully the facial swelling had gone down, and the sun and the magical Canon Camera made my face look almost normal 🙂

The week leading up to the interviews I was honored to do of both Marilyn Schlitz and Dean Radin was nothing short of horrible.

By the time I walked in to sit with Marilyn I was actually almost comically challenged.  I had woken up that morning with my face swollen out so far that I wasn’t sure how I was going to drive to the interview, let alone meet these people face to face that I felt so touched by.  I had had some kind of mystery reaction to a new facial product.

I know however that there is no such thing as singular cause and effect, and the rawness of my face was also a perfect outer expression of the inner pain and turmoil that had started exactly one week earlier when our family had stepped in to that horrible, quick, destabilizing, and rocky terrain of “you have cancer.”  One of my dearest family members was back on the road that our family knew too well.

In the interest of privacy I won’t share publicly which family member we stood in heartbroken solidarity with, but I can say that the week centered on conversations of the terminal nature of all of us, living present now, and falling to one’s knees for Grace.  I was reading, and posting online, about my intake of Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love” as if it were nutrition.  Because it was.

Four days into the trauma of diagnosis and the intense prayer for a healing miracle the family received a blessing of a phone call when we learned that there had been a misdiagnosis and that the cancer wasn’t the bad kind we thought it was.  We were released into “relief” of a change of cancer diagnosis and the improvement of prognosis.

Perspective, God’s humor, Prayers and the Miracle of Love in action?

So by the time I was sitting there ready to interview Marilyn, face red and raw and puffed out, wondering if she was noticing but kindly not saying anything, I was ready to be raw and real.

The gift of her interview is what followed.  It opened with me asking her about what she knew about the power of love, and she began by discussing studies that had been done about the effects of love and prayer on people with cancer.  I kid you not.  I sat there, even more raw, listening as she spoke directly to what had been going on.

Life certainly does provide the exact replica of what we need to see, feel, and hear doesn’t it?

The rest of the interview dove deeper in to the material at hand for Love Bomb, and as we got into the zone of the intense focus of a film interview, the attention on my own life scenario and raw face melted away as I was taken, we were taken, into the energy of love, forgiveness, and the journey of healing transformation into wholeness.

There is much I want to share from this interview and will be exposing in the film.  The essence I can give you is that life always provides us with what we need to transform, and transformation is always in the direction of greater wholeness, if we choose.

That wholeness means we are not alone.  We are one with life itself, with one another, with the earth we live on.

When we get into this place of wholeness we experience the core of healing, which is transformation of consciousness into this whole place of being.  This whole place is what I am learning to refer to as Love.  Service, the act of transformation to wholeness that we are featuring in the film, is a transformational practice in and of itself.

Marilyn shared with us about her research on transformation and the “destabilization” that occurs when a change happens in the statis of an environment, culture, or person.  This destabilization offers the opportunity to heal to a new state of being as it offers the opportunity for new perspective, new feeling, and new being.

We were speaking of my own healing experience from 9/11 and how that event became something that ultimately propelled me forward into service and a life lived as if we are one big human family.  We also spoke of the “destabilizing” we create in a community when we enter in and adjust thousands of people at one time.

She confirmed our feeling that with the intention of Love this destabilization can be a force that drives the community to a higher level of organization to wholeness.  We can also choose to experience traumatic destabilization in this same way.

The rawness of the week continued as when the interview ended and we said our goodbyes we turned on our phones, to learn that the shooting had just occurred in Connecticut.

We had moments of quiet at that time.  The moments for me were a reflection on the entire week, and the firm knowing that the film, the focus on Love, the commitment to sharing with the world about what we really are capable of as human beings when we connect to our Innate, our Wholeness, our Connection with Life, is as pertinent today as it was the day that the idea for the film was conceived.

We sat in the sun that day between our interview of Marilyn and our preparations to interview Dean.  I with a certain surrender that happens when you have been forced to ponder the terminal nature of life, the prayers that knock you to your knees, and the humble surrender of letting go of looks to simply say, I am here, raw, vulnerable, present.  I surrender to you Love.  Life.  I am your servant.  Lift me up and walk with me.

We sat in the sun and we drank it in.  We sat with gratitude.  For being alive, and for being given the opportunity to make a difference in life through our passion to touch lives, and for all of the opportunities that Love Bomb has already brought into our lives.  It is with a reverence, a humbleness, and a vulnerability that I post this Love Bomb “Report.”  The experience of the commitment I have made to be carved out by this project continues, to offer to life a reality of Love Bomb rather than a replica.

May we light a candle in our hearts of Love for all who have been affected by the wounds of life, both public and private, and allow them to open us to the courageous humbleness of Love, which is the road to our human greatness.

Check out this clip that we put together for you of Marilyn, speaking about creating an “epidemic of goodness.”  At this particular winter solstice this is a beautiful message, encouraging us to see this time, no matter the “why”, as the perfect time to open to our inherent unity, goodness, and love.

Marilyn is also working on a documentary of her own that I feel is going to be a transformational film called “Death Makes Life Possible.”  Here is a link to the home page where you can watch the trailer.   Death Makes Life Possible Trailer

Are you interested in learning more about how to participate in the making of Love Bomb?  Here is our Indiegogo Campaign page where we are currently raising the funds to go into full time production starting in January 2013.

Our film website lives here:

You can find us and “Like” on Facebook here:  Love Bomb The Movie Facebook Page


9/11 10 Year “Anniversary”. My Perspective & Story.

Dr. Rhea in her Napa Studio, 10 Years after 9/11, Photo Copyright Briana Blasko

9/11 memorial events have rolled around for the past 9 years without much of a glance from me.  Perhaps in part because I have been so focused on the future, and the creation of a positive one.    Perhaps in part because my birthday is on the 7th and, defiantly, I have decided that the terrorists do not get to co-opt that time of year from me for negative memorials.  I have also disliked the feeling of propaganda and the tendency to simplify the experience, to make morose or beautiful or worse, detachedly political, as if it was not an experience also ripe with the depth and fullness of humanity and spirituality.  It certainly was all of that at once.

This year I am taking a look.  Ten years is an anniversary for so many of us to reflect on where we were and where we are now as a result.  In a sense, for me, it is a celebration.  It says:  wow, we are going to move on from this.  A shock of the sort that many of us experienced that day takes time to heal.  It takes time for the being:  body, mind and soul to fully regain confidence in the rising of the sun and the hope for the heart of humanity.

The brief summary of my “story” is this (and I am still in awe of just how many incredibly diverse stories there are from that day!):

The World Trade Center was my office building.  I worked on the 74th floor of Tower 2 for the two years prior to 9/11 and quit my job 9 months before to pursue my modern dance career full time.  I had been away from the city for most of the summer and had returned to my Brooklyn apartment the night of the 10th.  I woke up to phone calls, billowing smoke and massive confusion.  I tried to go to the store to buy supplies of food but when I got there forgot what I was getting and returned with water.  I was so in shock I did not notice the parade of ash covered people walking down Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn having crossed over the bridge from the WTC site.  I recall sitting in Prospect Park in Brooklyn with my roommate that afternoon, still in confusion, catching a bit of paper as it landed next to us, floating, ironically peacefully from the beautiful blue sky.  A yoga studio held a healing prayer circle that evening in Brooklyn and we went.  People started talking about what was happening.  No one really knew how to be with it but we tried.  I kept praying my phone would ring and I would hear that my dearest loved ones from the tower would tell me they were alive.  The moments of the day were moving like near frozen water, mysteriously slow and expanded.  Who had lived?  Where were they?  What was going to happen next?  Were we being attacked again?  NYC had turned into a temporary war zone.

Over the next three days I slowly heard from all of my colleagues.  By a miracle I did not know anyone personally who died that day.  I had lunch with a friend a few weeks later, he worked near the 74th floor of the first tower hit.  Everyone he knew died.  Just like that, our stories could have been swapped.  As the days unfolded there were more stories.  Friends who escaped and how, fires in the elevator shafts, bags left and running, things that were seen that they would all hope to forget.  The horrible fire and smoke that continued to blow into Brooklyn for months.  What was burning that no one wanted to discuss, just looks at one another and a recognition of how it felt at the back of our throats.  The question on everyone’s minds:  what would we do next (both collectively and individually)?

Union Square park turned into the site of a vigil.  Hundreds of candles kept burning, posters of missing persons and prayers, and the consistent news that another subway was closed due to a bomb threat.  The new familiarity of fire trucks blocking subway entrances.  The inability to panic anymore.

Morgan Stanley held a multi-religion service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Thousands gathered inside, all united by the same thing:  Tower 2.  We hugged one another as the reality of vital flesh sunk in:  those we thought might have perished were there, in the flesh.  Days of unknown revealed the living.  There was this kind of terrible relief.  What kind of world was this now?  The priest led us all in singing “Amazing Grace” and our united sweet voices filled the cathedral and there was this feeling of heart breaking grace in the face of the unknown.

I left the service and joined in with friends at a bar, yet another local fire station fundraiser trying to raise funds for families.  The bar had a series of televisions broadcasting President Bush.  He announced we were going to war that night.  All around the city were protests of survivors.  Things were happening so quickly.

I left New York a month later.  Packed up my rusted out Subaru and headed back to Napa, California.  Said goodbye to my dance career and set off to discover what was next.  I was still in shock, and, I was also full of a kind of blissful possibility.  Life had cracked open to an undeniable NOW.  There was pain and the joy of such sudden connection with life, the present and others.  There was a permanent no turning back.  There was new connection with the women who chose to cross the country with me, jokes about anthrax and the best way to share the one gas mask that had been shipped out to one of the women we travelled with by a paranoid (or careful?) parent.  We spoke of awakening, new possibilities, and together shared in this post-traumatic ecstasy of life handed back as gift full of wide open futures.  We digested the bliss of awakening, survival and atrocity at the same time.

A story I often share with clients about the lesson of trusting one’s intuition and the illusion of “security” that came from this experience is this:

During the weeks that followed 9/11 I recall being in some of the confusion about what I would do next, why I had quit my job and the “security” that I had working at Morgan Stanley to jump into the unknown of what at the time was to be teaching yoga and dancing professionally.  I lamented having given up the security when I actually had a chuckle to myself.  That “security” was currently on fire in rubble over the horizon.  What is real security?  From that moment I knew it was listening to the voice within, following the truth of one’s being, living life full out.

Ten years later I am still celebrating that realization and giving myself constant reminders of the lessons learned that day.  They fuel me and my actions both personal and professional.  They fuel my passion to serve others to live fully and with love and faith in life.  It takes extreme courage to face adversity and to come out alive.  I actually think sometimes the most obvious and extreme cases of trauma offer the most opportunity for awakening.  How disempowered we allow ourselves to become by the trifle inconveniences of our daily lives.  How disconnected from our own hearts and those of our neighbors both near and far.  Do I wish that things like 9/11 and the countless atrocities that have occurred since then both individually and collectively did not exist?  Yes.  Am I thankful for my own awakening experience of 9/11 and how miraculously it opened up my dedication and capacity to live and to serve others?  Yes.  I realize that it is these very atrocities (both personal and collective) that awaken us to the immediacy of life.  Daily I see this in my practice:  it is so often the varieties of physical, mental and emotional pain that tend to awaken us to pro-actively live our lives.

I continue to hope that my own experience of recovery and renewal from the trauma of 9/11 and shocks of the day can assist me to help others who have gone through such traumas.  Life is a joy of experience and awakening.  It takes courage and dedication to experience it this way.  Not to smile while ignoring the darkness, but to smile because of the full knowing that it is the only real viable option to truly live in a world and life experience that will always be full of both dark and light.

I believe we need to remember things like 9/11.  Not for fear.  Not to feed our consistent love of drama and the morose.  We need to remember so that we can stay alive and learn to love.

These are the primary lessons that came to me during that traumatic time 10 years ago:

1.  What we think is permanent can be taken away in the next moment.

2.  Live now.  Most of the reasons we create not to do something are absolutely meaningless.  Life is happening right now, as rich as we desire.

3.  Choose to love.  People are hungry:  they need places to live, clothing, food, education and love.  They need to experience this feeling that they are cared for.  If they are not being provided with love, they are becoming the opposite.  We have the power to transform ourselves and others through love.  It is a daily and moment by moment choice.

4.  No matter what happens we can choose how to respond.  We can be victims of life’s traumas or we can rise above like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes.  Every life experience can be an excuse to negativity or permission to create the positive.

5.  I believe the way that we can honor those who lost or gave their lives is to fully live ours.

I am so thankful and amazed it has been 10 years.  It still feels like yesterday to me in many ways.  Like a little fire at my behind motivating me to keep going on a daily basis.  Yet how much gratitude I have in the awesome ways that my own life has unfolded since then.  The dreams of service to life and humanity have been unfolding since the frustration I felt that day, having no real skill to provide to go down to ground zero and be of service.  How unplugged I felt from being able to give that day, and how grateful I am today to feel like I have the capacity to give and to uplift life.  How grateful to be a part of the dance of life, again, today.  What joy and possibility there is.  What healing.  What possibility for loving connection.  What fun.

P.S.  Oh Yeah!  I have to thank those who stood solidly by my side during that time, encouraging me to move through this in a positive way, while they themselves were going through it.  My zone healing chiropractors Dr. Jason Ditullio and Dr. Peter Goldman.  Their office was destroyed, yet they opened a temporary one right away and started helping all of us (many of their clients worked at the Trade Center since it was across the street) to move through it all.  They even taught my first “Concept Therapy” class a few weeks later in which we all sat and talked about how to move through life constructively.  In the MIDST of it all.  Thank You for showing me how to live full out and for inspiring me to do the same, and for all of the others that were there living with love and assisting life while it was happening.

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Blossom Life Projects Peru, April 2010 Blog Entries

5:30 A.M. April 9, 2010

Bags are packed plumply and sitting next to the door, arms raised, saying “take me take me!”.  Items are sorted, details set, taxes filed, bills payed, studio ready to be loved while we are away.

It is quiet.  There is a distant car warming.  A faucet drips.  My computer hums.

Coffee coaxes me, too, “we are leaving!”

There are emotions now, from the past three months of preparations, and the past year of imaging and dreaming.  “Sure, I can find a team to travel with me to The Sacred Valley, Peru.”

Now we are on the cusp and there has been an incredible outpouring of support for our mission.  Friends, family and family unknown yet to me through Concept Therapy have stepped forward to share their love, support and money for our vision.

My heart is already warmed to the Unconditional Love of our mission.  To feel it, to give it, to touch someone’s life in a positive way.  To feel, recognize and live from the premise that we are one life.  To ignite others and myself in that livingness.

I have moved from a quiet resignation in dream to an astonished receptive dweller in the reality that people love and support this dream of loving service.

Yesterday was the beautiful gift, a four year old “client”, approaching Kate & I both with a small silver coin, that upon close examination, bears a little guardian angel.  “This is for you to take on your trip.”  Wow.  Heart open.

Message arrived from Lou Corletto, director of Adjustworld who has been assisting us in the coordination of donations.  He had ordered a “surprise” for us but it came too late.  He had made our team “Adjustworld Peru” t-shirts.  Again, wow, heart open, we are so loved and supported.

Our t-shirt designs arrived from a young woman who crafted them herself with screens she made from logo art that was donated to us.  They say “Blossom Life Projects, Embodying The Power of One”.  What is The Power of One?  It is the Power of One soul willing to reach out, dream, go for it, touch lives, live one’s life.  It is the Power of living from the realization that there is only One Life.

Watched the footage of the elementary school children learning about our project the other night, again, heart open, wow.  The image of seeing each little student pouring love and creativity into their 2 inch by 3 inch sticker for another little child, so tender.  And then, the pile of stickers, into the hundreds.  This is already The Power of One.  Lesson learned, lesson taught.  What we return to them:  a bonus.

Each child was given/read this:

“Dear Teachers, We are going to be involved in an exciting cross cultural service project in the coming months, and it is centered on the message, “The Power of One.”  We want to see how just one small act of helping or kindness can brighten someone’s day and make a difference.,…The team came up with the idea of creating stickers for the kids in Peru as a way of sharing kindness, and brightening someone’s day.  Your job is to help us decorate the stickers, so the team can deliver them to the kids in Peru.”

“Mrs. Murray”, or Amelia, executed this project delivering nearly 500 stickers of “precious cargo” for us to bring!  Volunteer Jenna videotaped the project.

Now, in the midst of what has already begun, what we are already a part of, we head off.  Full already of gratitude and the knowledge that we are in a journey that is a “Spirit of the Hive”, with love and prayers and positive images being generated by so many.

Here is to delivering the message of Love, to “us”, to “them”.  -Rhea

April 11, 2010

Rumi: Garden of Love

In the always-green and boundless Garden of Love
There are many other fruits than grief or joy.
My awareness is not bound to imagination or illusion
There is another state of being which is rare as You.

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

The group has all arrived together to the Coya guest house in Coya.  We united amongst sleepy eyes at the airport in Lima where we curled up and slept in the airport waiting room.  We flew in first thing in the morning to Cusco where a driver awaited us.

From there we drove up up and over the hill of the city and began descending down into the Sacred Valley.  I was moved to cry- a mix of exhaustion from travel, and unbelievable joy at what I was seeing.  The mountains are almost unreal to the senses, we are all developing the sensory equipment to take in what we are seeing and experiencing

Our little hotel is an incredible and beautiful oasis in the middle of the tile roofed village.  From our upstairs patio we see cattle, sheep, roosters, clothing washed and drying, and on the mountain that rises 100 yards away some 1500 feet straight up, we can see white specks that move.  Mountain goats.

This morning we will meet about our intention for being here:  Unconditional Love.  What is that?  How do we feel it?  How does it become what we are here to do?  The above quote I received this morning from teacher Bill McKeown.  How perfect.  We aim to rise above the polarities of stories and fear and worry and pain and injury- and to go to the heart of One Life connection.  This is a journey for all of us.

The following is “The Message” that will be communicated throughout the day today as we set up our “clinic” inside of the Kausay Wasi clinic.  This, to be sure, is a very new “philosophy” for them to see occur in a clinic, and yet, we can already feel that the Loving Service is something that they have been embodying and creating for years.  The love is already palpable.

“The purpose of what we are doing here is to assist you in making a greater connection to the source of life.  Through receiving the Adjustment you will open up and remove interference to the transmission of healing energy (love) that flows through your body.  As this happens you will experience more ease, peace, health, abundance, and joy.  The people serving you know that through assisting you to heal they will also be healed.

The adjustment is performed by laying on of the hands to the spine.  The alignment will allow you to express your full potential as a human being- connected to all of life.

Please share this message with all of the people you love.  Have them come and receive the adjustment.  we thank you for allowing us to serve you in it his most sacred way.

With Love- The Blossom Life Team”

4/13/10  Day 2 of Chiropractic Service

Wow.  Day 1 was impossible to write about in the evening as we were far too exhausted to even comprehend describing it.  It can best be described now as this incredible experience of introducing a brand new and very intimate/hands on practice to people who have never heard of it, seen it, experienced it, etc.  This was true for the people of Coya as well as from the surrounding villages,….as well as for the entire staff of the clinic hosting us.

We have been blessed with a wonderful volunteer named Cora who said she “felt the calling to come to volunteer specifically for our “campaign” (the clinic calls visiting medical teams campaigns”.  She had worked before for several months here and  in international clinics/medical service and wanted to see what a chiropractic one was all about.  With her presence there is a lightness and ease in communicating “the message”.

Yesterday all were a bit confused as to how to translate/express what it is we are doing.  Today Cora came up with the idea of telling them that when they hear the “cracking sound” there is energy releasing in their body.  Now they all want to hear it.  Brings a little smile.

We also were very much heard when we explained how beneficial what we do is for children, so much so, that within 24 hours they have arranged for us to visit a school tomorrow afternoon to adjust the children, and the following we will take transport to a distant village that was destroyed by the floods which is now a “tent city”.  Apparently the children are having many lung issues from water collecting at the bottom of the tents since the tents are not, well, keeping out water.  This is how many are living here right now.  Public attention has been in Haiti & Chile so there has been a more modest response here.  We are very excited to serve there.

In all today was quite beautiful.  Day one is the creation of many “composites” as we call it in Concept Therapy, good way to say it I guess would be, relationships based on trust and understanding.  Day two was one big “spirit of the hive” with all from our team and the clinic now operating as One, along with the people feeling the flow and dancing within it.

There has been some beautiful promising “miracle” healing with one woman in particular who has “no cure” paralysis of the left side of her body.  She had some use butt dragged her leg.  Now she can walk with a minimal limp. We are seeing her twice daily.  Another man came who I saw once yesterday who was unable to open his hands.  Today he was able to open them more.

There was also a beautiful young man quadripelegic after an accident a year ago.  The clinic has been active in helping him including a surgery he received right after the incident.  With the clinic’s help following surgery he regained use of his arms but remains without use of the lower body.  I adjusted him twice today and then as the entire clinic staff looked on (he is well loved here) I taught his therapist who is here from Switzerland how to harmonize his nervous system zone so that his healing can continue.  She and I exchanged contact information so I can help her from a distance and we can stay in communication about his progress.

One of the clinic owners today said that for sure he would love to have our team back again, as he knows the people will be asking for it after the end of the week.

I am wondering if there is potential for this kind of loving, natural, chiropractic to be so easily integrated and embraced into a medical clinic elsewhere?  Also, for us, as a team, it is nice to have the option if necessary to say, please go over to the clinic for that.

A woman who was carried in yesterday with a hip fracture was able to see a doctor today and a surgery has been arranged for her.  This is something we could never offer at a “campaign” without this kind of infrastructure and teamwork.  I am thankful to be connecting with such incredible people with such incredible international connections and knowledge in this kind of care.

I also spoke with the clinic director about arranging for some kind of a yoga volunteer program here,…as wow,…these people labor all day all of their lives (kiddos starting young as we watch them hauling things and crops etc. through town on their backs).

All in all an incredible feeling close to day 2.  Looking forward to experiencing the next few days, knowing in many ways, the challenge of the first day is behind us and the next several get to be about a continued momentum, flow, love, and healing after healing.

Now its time to prepare for Cora’s birthday party that we are hosting at our little guest house.  Truly, The Power of One, is unlimited.  It just takes follow through.


It is our final morning in Coya and we are preparing to make the journey to Macchu Piccu.  There are many days since I was able to write an entry about our mission.  Once the energy became scarce I could not bring myself to enter the thoughts in this way.

Day 3 of the mission brought an incredible challenge.  All of the team became sick on the evening of day 2.  Though they awoke to attempt service I asked all to rest in order to hopefully recover and be able to assist me for the final two days.  I was not certain how exactly I would serve all of the people, but I knew that there was a perfection in the order of it, and that I simply needed to show up and be with what was happening.

The morning actually flowed beautifully.  The entire volunteer staff of the Kausay Wasi clinic acted as one and we created a rhythm that everyone entered into, was cared for in, and moved from.  I used all three tables from the others and each person was prepared on a table and I danced from table to table adjusting adjusting adjusting.  After all 120 were served in the morning I ran back to the guest house to check on everyone.  I ran from room to room delivering teas, herbs, emergen-c’s, waters, blankets, etc.  Once satisfied everyone had what they needed I headed to the clinic and took a small amount of lunch, as I was quite nautious as well from what I had done and also from knowing I was heading to the school by myself to adjust everyone.

We loaded up the truck with 6 clinic volunteers and myself.  It was so very touching to have Sandy, one of the clinic owners, driving us all there.  At the school I set up my “party” atmosphere putting on Bob Marley on my travel ipod speakers and loving each child to the best of my ability.  They giggled as they got adjusted and Cora was set up to hand out the little stickers “de los estados unidos”.  All of the volunteers were moved by the scene.  Sandy mentioned later that this for her was a highlight of our trip as she was so moved and impressed by seeing my ability to deliver this to all of the children, so efficiently (115 children in an hour and a half) and with such love and presence for each.

Once my work was complete I was nicknamed “the chiropractic machine”.  I was also given a full body massage which was a huge assistance.  Taking a moment for myself within it all was magical and needed.  After that I returned to the hotel where I returned to nurse duty until about 8:30 at night when I finally laid down on the bed exhausted and set to getting the needed rest to face the next day, alone or with assistance.

The following day, Thursday, Kate & Kona were still in recovery yet Daphne and Megan were able to rise and assist in adjusting.  For me the pace became like a vacation compared to the previous day and so the morning passed in service and with a lot of smiles now as people were opening up and healing and in the flow of what we had created.  At lunch Kate & Kona were able to rise and take some food.  We all then took two cars and made our way through taxis, a foot bridge, and a hike to a more remote Quechua village where we were embraced by a school.

We had a lovely afternoon with a welcome change of pace serving the children at the school and making another little “party” there.  It was awesome to be in the mountains, to serve the children, to see the beauty, and to enjoy the vibration of the entire team.

Friday was our finale serving several hundred people at the Kausay Wasi clinic.  By day’s end I fell onto the table and received a lot of relief from Kate as the final families finally made their way out of the room (after the Kona reiki line finally mellowed).  We made our way over to a celebratory beer at the local “bar” with the clinic staff and had a beautiful exchange with them sharing our “favorite moment”.

When we returned home we had a bit of dinner and then for me I went into a few days of much needed rest as my body dictated it was time to go inside for awhile.

It was a successful trip, so much exchange happening on so many levels, so much love demonstrated.  Guido who is one of the clinic owners with 25 plus years of international health service spoke best and with much experience when he said that he feels that what we just did  is what is needed worldwide, and for the international scene from people from the U.S., to create the real peace that we want.  Hearing him reflect this told me that our intention was seen and felt.  The delivery of unconditional love was a success.  Now we regroup, heal, adapt, image and plan for what is to come.  Yet,….first,…..all of us now recovered and on our feet,….head up to Macchu Piccu to take in the magic and to simply be, a bit more still, within the action of our lives.